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WordPress Multisite Implementation

Bolton & Menk needed to allow municipal and civil project managers update and edit their own content for client projects they were working on. It is something Bolton & Menk has been doing for several years, but they were using older technology to get them out there and was not working anymore for their needs. The old way is to use basic HTML and build out pages one by one and upload them to the web server. This made it difficult for people without HTML or web server knowledge to be able to update content easily. Another problem is that almost none of these sites were mobile friendly, and basic accessibility needs were not being met. There was also a bottle neck with updates getting done.

In discussion with my manager to try to improve this process as well as use more modern technologies, I proposed a solution to create a single WordPress install on our web server and use a a multi-site setup. This allows us to create permissions per site, set up analytics per site, and allow project managers to edit content on their time frame, rather than ours. I also created a development site; this is used to test out new features and act as a catalog for our project managers to pick out different features and functionality we are willing to support and set up for them. This new set up allows us to a provide more consistent look and feel yet allow for the branding and individuality or each site to be different. This allowed us to provide a catalog options consistent with our quality, as well as made maintenance on the technical side a lot more manageable. I was able to take a concept from an idea and run it though all the steps to get it to the implementation state.

project website
project website
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