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Portfolio in Drupal

My old portfolio site built in Drupal 7. It was a single page site with parallax scrolling. When you clicked on a menu item it would scroll down to that section of the page. When it was built it was a fun build, but I have kept it far to long. I loved the large images, the animated features and all the bells and whistles. But it was time to move on to my current site.

Portfolio Site
Portfolio Site

Drupal Website

New branding promoted for a redesign of the Bolton & Menk, Inc website. Working with an internal team of Marketing and Designers, we came up with a design that is more modern and cleaner. We also needed to keep data in one location rather than having staff enter the same information in multiple systems. The new site built using Drupal 7 and connecting to an external CRM database to gather content about projects and staff members reduces the time spent duplicating efforts. It reduced the number of content types and made a dated dynamic site even more dynamic.

Bolton & Menk Site
Bolton & Menk Site
Bolton & Menk Site
Bolton & Menk Site

Midwest Ribfest

The Great Midwest Ribfest

Hungry for ribs? This site was created for people to learn and find out information about a favorite summer activity of rib fest. With the help of a designer and a copywriter I was able to take their concepts and turn them into an interactive one-page responsive style design. We wanted to get the information out quickly and easily and get people excited to attend one of the many amazing summer events in Minnesota.

Ribfest Screenshot

Mystic Lake

A very large and popular site was upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 which was a large undertaking. I did not do this alone, but with the help of a fellow developer we were able to migrate over thousands of users and data from the old database structure to the new one. We also changed the look and the feel to go with the new branding. Currently with it being outdated, we are in the process of revamping the site for a total make over with the new brand.

Mystic Lake webpage screenshot
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I enjoy thinking about problems and strategically think about solutions. I believe that the easiest solution is not always the best solution. I enjoy learning new things and taking on new challenges. There is an art to finding creative solutions, debugging issues that motivates me every day to do my best.

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