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This collaborative effort with the help of creative expert Alissa Nogle was launched December 2016. Alissa wanted a professional portfolio website to show potential employers’ examples of her work. She also wanted it to be different than the typical portfolio website. She wanted to be able to easily add her own content going forward and something that was easily maintainable, so we choose to go with WordPress since she had some familiarity with the admin side of things. She provided the assets and content and I got the site up and running for her and made custom modifications that were required to create the look she was going after. The portfolio also showcases all her other passions outside of work as well, such as sky diving and kayaking. It is extendable, with the capability to add blogs to her site if she chooses too in the future..

Some features include

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Css transitions on hovers
  • One page scrolling design
  • Responsive theme
Portfolio Site
Portfolio Site
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About Me

I enjoy thinking about problems and strategically think about solutions. I believe that the easiest solution is not always the best solution. I enjoy learning new things and taking on new challenges. There is an art to finding creative solutions, debugging issues that motivates me every day to do my best.

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