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I am not a very materialistic person. I do not spend a lot of money on clothing, hair cuts or nails. I guess you can say I am a pretty simple person. For me, besides organizing and finding solutions to problems for work, I also enjoy fixing up my home. I bought my house many years ago. It is a simple late 70s Ranch-Style home with a large city lot when I was 23. I was naive, I had no idea the community I was moving into, did not really know it well and had no friends or acquaintances. I had a limited budget since I was newly out of college. I looked at a few houses and picked the one with the best yard and a corner lot. The house itself had good bones but needed work. Over the years my dad would come up and visit me and we would work on weekends making all kinds of improvements, new flooring, windows, finishing half of the basement that was not finished. Little by little I would save and update. These days and memories are always something I will cherish and be thankful for.

After I got married, I never imagined I would still be in the same house. I always thought I would be able to buy a piece of land and built my dream home, but it turns out that as I get older maybe that is not something I really want anymore.

After careful consideration of our options and what we wanted in life, we decided to make the decision to move forward on our largest and biggest project yet. One I have been putting off for over one and a half decades. The kitchen, it is the last large project on my list. The only thing that was updated was the flooring since I have taken ownership. Otherwise my kitchen is just very outdated and small. The other problem is that we have no flow from our living area and the kitchen, it is a dead end. We considered our options, keep the same footprint or working with a designer to look at what it might look like to do an addition on the back of the house. I will be writing a series of blogs about the project, what the plans are and the steps we took to get where we are today and what we are doing to move forward. This like many things in life is going to be an exciting and likely stressful learning process

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I enjoy thinking about problems and strategically think about solutions. I believe that the easiest solution is not always the best solution. I enjoy learning new things and taking on new challenges. There is an art to finding creative solutions, debugging issues that motivates me every day to do my best.

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