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Today there is no activity on the project, but yesterday the crawl space brick was finished being installed and they cleaned up their equipment and tools. The brick is about 5 feet high, but I know that the space will be about 4 feet when finished so footings will get covered. It looks small and big at the same time. I think next they plan to back fill it back in, I think later this week and then starting next week the roof trusses are coming in and supposedly they will start framing it up. We ordered one new window, which is also supposed to arrive next week so that is perfect timing. In the mean time we had to do a quick project to our ceiling fan. It started smoking and sparking, the motor was overheating so we decided instead of trying to repair it we'd just replace it this time. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it so I got something that is okay for now. It does the job. If and when i find something I like more I'll likely send it to the rental house to be used there. I like to reuse when I can. I think that covers any updates for today.

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