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Halloween website using Luminate Online

With the help of David Aman who worked on creative and other supportive staff members in marketing, a three-month effort took Goodwill Easter-Seals Minnesota tired Halloween site from boring to amazing! We took an old school look and feel and modernized it to be responsive, interactive and engaging. I am using HTML5 and javascript to create the photo album and parallax background. Data-attributes are used to parse out where the content goes. This was a fun project to work on and leaps and bounds forward in the non-profit web world.

Here is some of the cool stuff:

  • Fully responsive – looks great on any device, from desktop to mobile phone
  • True parallax background – scrolls at a slower rate than the foreground
  • Fully branded – looks like our store signage and includes mission message on every page
  • Fully accessible – clean design, and anyone can change the font size on their browser for easier readability
  • Fully strategic – supports our goal of being the DIY costume provider of choice by including professional quality photos and ingredients lists for a whopping 85 costumes, easily searchable
  • Fully engaging – with fun sound effects, costume ideas, sweepstakes and how-to videos
Halloween website
Halloween website
Halloween website
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