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Duran Homes is small property management company. They pride themselves in being hands-on landlords for low income tenets. There was a need to provide a better way to submit maintenance request and costumer service request issues, and submitting them through the website created a better streamlined process to help organize and document each request. Because Duran Homes is also Spanish speaking and many of our clients speak both English and Spanish it was important to create a bilingual website to server both their English speaking and Spanish speaking clients. I was able to build this site in WordPress to get a clean and professional look for them while also being able to provide a one stop shop for both potential clients as well as current tenets access what they need. This is just a start, in the future there are plans to add more features and services to our tenets including an option to pay rent online if they prefer. I am looking forward to continue to build this site and make it more functional to meet the needs of both my client and their clients as well.


Duran Homes
Duran Homes
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I enjoy thinking about problems and strategically think about solutions. I believe that the easiest solution is not always the best solution. I enjoy learning new things and taking on new challenges. There is an art to finding creative solutions, debugging issues that motivates me every day to do my best.

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