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Big Excavator!
Last night was an exciting time for my 2-and-a-half-year-old. He is obsessed with anything that has wheels, big machines, and excavators. Thanks to Blippi and his excavator videos, he knows all the parts of an excavator. So, when one showed up last to dig for our foundation, he could be more excited. After dinner we had to go check it out. He asked if he could touch it, we said he could touch the bucket and he said, "This bucked is really big!". 30 minutes looking at it and awe, running around it is looking at the tracks was probably one of the most exciting days in his young life! He could not go to sleep without saying goodnight to the excavator and hearing a made-up story about an excavator and a monster truck. From the words of Blippi: I’m an excavator, excavator, hey dirt see you later, I’m an excavator!

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